Manufacturer and Developer of copper and aluminum alloy forging of Taiwan

Yih Jia Industrial Co., was founded in 1991, specializes in the OEM/ ODM development and manufacturing of precision copper and aluminum alloy forging in Taiwan. We are able to offer accurate and high-quality forged parts for a wide range of industries. Our major products include lock/Door handle parts, bathroom parts, building parts, mechanical parts, marine vessel parts, auto/motorcycle parts, bicycle part, hand-tool parts, etc.

Independent mold design ability and the domestic and international manufacturer trusts to OEM best-choice

Yih Jia owns independent design ability to design mould and excellent process improvement knowledge. Advancing the quality of OEM products and upgrading constantly, the production scope is also expanded continuously. Because the mould is designed and developed by us, shorten the time of product development

and manufacture, and perfectly control quality and delivery date for customers, help the customer promote the ability to gain international order.

The excellent completed Operation-integrated production and offer 1000-ton forging capability

We provide customers the omni-bearing and excellent service of completed production manufacture including designing, developing, molding, forging, precise CNC lathe turning and milling and polishing. In addition to using high-efficient Pro-E 3D CAD development & design software systems, we also own advanced 1000 tons, 600 tons, 400 tons of forging production line, puncher, four axle / five axle CNC processing machine, CNC swiss-type lathe, high-level order image measuring apparatus etc. precise and perfect automatic equipment. Combine and accumulate professional manufacturing technology and experience for more than ten years that enable us to create best economic benefits of producing for customers, and let us have more advantages of competition than the other same trade.


Variety and High-quality of OEM forging parts

The kinds of our OEM/ODM forged products made by copper and aluminum is much diversified. Our lock parts, bathroom parts, building parts and other industrial forging parts of products all got the favorable comment of the industrial because of the high-quality appearance. Therefore, the business grows up steadily.


Absorbed in customer's demand, Best business partner

Yih Jia always insists high-quality, and represents differential advantage at the quality of all kinds of OEM copper / aluminum alloy forging product. We concentrate on customers’ needs, good service and an ongoing loyalty for our customers. We are committed to being the "best business partner" of you. As you chose Yih Jia you chose the most high-quality products and service at the same time.

        Business Philosophy

Yih Jia regard ' innovate, technology, quality, and service ' as our Business Philosophy, Devoted to promoting the core competition advantage of independent research and development ability. Expand the market actively, in order to becoming the total solution supplier of copper and aluminum forging OEM parts development and manufacture in the world, and reaching ' base on Taiwan, take a broad view of the whole world ' and ' business sustainable manage ' in the long-term target.

In addition, how to cooperate with the customer's marketing plan to channel the products into the market within shortest time, enable customers to maintain the advantage of popular marketing, so as to reach the long-term partnership of ' cooperative win-win ' is our manage policy.


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