OEMODM Ability advantage

The manufacturing capacity and experience succeeded in copper and aluminum forging for customer trusts to OEM best-choice

For more than 20 years, Yih Jia Industrial Ltd. has proudly manufactured precision forging parts for variable industries including bathroom, building, machinery, auto, motorcycle, bicycle, hand tool, hardware of copper and aluminum. We regard strong research and development, technical excellence and the perfect customize total solution, make our OEM scope extend all over the whole world.

Why Yih Jia difference ability advantage, let customer choose to into cooperation partner for OEM manufacture.

1. We provided with' in coordination with designed ' and ' Independent mold designed ' ability in our R&D.

2. Having 1000 tons forging machine and four-axle machine center. Advanced equipment offers precise, fast, and high-quality service for customers.

3. Having process Integrated Quality Control and cost reducing ability of production technology freedom.

4. Having abundant and varied experience and technology of copper and aluminum forging parts.

5. Having products development and innovation integrated ability, and is the best partner of customer's OEM cooperation!

Our software and hardware equipment, technology are upgraded greatly, OEM/ODM high strength aluminum alloy forging parts is favored.

In OEM/ODM aluminum alloy forging parts, we have been very successful to develop for the customer including various kinds of bicycle parts, high-strength aluminum alloy parts of

ATV motorcycle, 3C electronic parts etc, and let the operating feeler of OEM / ODM process and manufacture is extend to higher additional value products.

  In order to cater to different customer's the high-quality demand of aluminum and copper forging parts. To bring the best economic efficiency and can satisfy ONE STOP SHOP ability advantage.


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